Determined, Mysterious Attack Hits Major DNS Provider, Causing Service Outages

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  • Select the option Use the following DNS server addresses
  • Forge DNS entries with Dnsmasq
  • What is the role of IEEE in computer networking
  • What are gateways
  • TCP/IP Configuration Points to Public DNS Servers
  • What are MAC addresses
  • Type in “ipconfig/all”
  • Find the fastest DNS server

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Why The VR Waiting Game Is Great For Those Who Dare To Dream

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Nokia will show your tablet

Nokia is trying to offer its tablet customers. Journalists from The Verge have been able to obtain specification information and prototype photos. The tablet looks like a magnified Nokia Lumia.

Nokia Tablet with which it intends to launch in September this year. Probably will have a diagonal screen of 10 “, FullHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and design taken from the Lumia smartphone series.

Photo showing the back of the tablet was published in the Chinese technology portal, digi-wo. Due to the low quality of the photographs and the lack of confirmation from Nokia, it is not known whether this is a photo of a true prototype.

It is known that the tablet is to have a depth less than the iPad, and will weigh about half a kilo. Buyers will be able to choose the color of the housing. The camera matrix installed in the device will have 6 MPX. The four-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB of RAM will work seamlessly.…

Apple will pay the troll’s patent

Apple’s American company once again fell victim to a patent troll. The company was forced to make a settlement with Network-1 Technologies, which sued it for using one of its patents and would now have to pay $ 25 million in damages.

Technological concerns are often victims of patent trolls, which are companies that hunt for interesting patent portfolios, which are then used to file lawsuits and extract huge amounts of money as compensation for the use of technology.

This strategy is very effective, and the most afflicted is Apple, whose patent trolls have already drawn hundreds of millions of dollars and are still suing in cases of unlawful use of patents. The Cupertino company was recently sued by Network-1 Technologies, which accuses Apple of using its 1999 patent for a simple file system.

The patent was granted in 1996 to Yale University, and later founded Mirror Worlds, which entered into a lengthy and expensive patent dispute with Apple, demanding $ 625 million in compensation from the concern. However, the lawsuit was rejected, so the patent owner sold it to Network-1 Technologies, which also sued Cupertino. This time the action was much more effective, because Apple agreed to make a settlement.…

Only 2 hours a day with a tablet in hand?

The American Academy of Pediatrics claims that children should not spend long periods of time in front of computer screens or tablets, and should be limited to a maximum of two hours a day.

Dr. Victor Strasburger, the author of the new recommendations, believes that this is the optimal length of time that young people spend with electronic devices, since in the case of prolonged contact, they can have harmful effects. According to the doctor, excessive use of equipment can lead to sleep problems, which in turn is likely to cause deterioration in learning outcomes.

The Strasburger advises to ban teenagers from using computers and television in their bedrooms, and also set a 2-hour limit on Internet usage, social media, smartphones and TV viewing.

The Academy’s new policy is the result of a 2010 study showing that Americans ages 8 to 18 spend at least 7 hours a day entertaining each day.

In principle, the proposal is not at all bad. Today’s youth really spend all day with computers, consoles and smartphones, the world beyond them not seeing. Many have not read a book for a long time, let alone the fact that hardly anyone cares about physical fitness. Such limitations could therefore only come out for good.…

For “loli” to bed

Persons working intensively on laptops complain about hot blows from fans, uncomfortable posture, cervical spondylosis. In addition, resting on a chaise longue or in bed with a computer, we accidentally cover air intakes. Practical solution is a cradle – laptop stand.

A table with built-in fans, made of aluminum will save the suffering of our spine. Standing on your desk, when you plug in an external keyboard, you will have a high level of comfort. In addition, this solution allows you to set the height of the screen in the most comfortable position.

The bedside table for writing and play will provide proper air ventilation and will protect the user from damage to the expensive computer due to air cover.

Modecom has introduced the MC-PF12 aluminum table, with adjustable legs and a solid top that incorporates two fans. The table can be set using a joint with a scale adjustment of the tilt angles. The tilt level configuration provides a stable setting between 0 ° and 180 °.…

Photos from 120 years, made the first amateur camera

Taking our latest DSLR camera today, we do not think for a second what the first camera photos look like. Fortunately, we have the internet and if we are curious about it, we can look at it and get to know some of the history of photography.

So it happens that the first commercial camera was Kodak No. 1 was put on sale in 1888 and cost $ 25 then, which at present times gives almost $ 600. It was the first camera that anyone could buy and take pictures of.

Kodak No. 1 was completely unlike today’s photographic equipment. It looked more like a crate of boards than a device for taking pictures.

Making pictures with such a thing was relatively simple, because earlier photographers had taken pictures with the cameras they had built and their sizes were quite large. For Kodak No. 1, it was necessary to first insert a film sufficient for 100 photos, open the shutter and press the shutter. Today it is enough to just look at the display and press a button and automation will take care of the rest.

Calling a movie was not easy either. There were no vending machines that did it for us, so we had to send the camera directly to the Kodak factory that handled the process and sent us paper equipment for another 100 shots. And so were photos taken of him.…

Google secures its services with a hardware key

Unlike Apple, which only after breaking into iCloud has increased the security of its services, Google has long been offering a two-tier user authentication system. However, in the light of the recent events, the online giant has, however, considered that this may be an inadequate way, so it offers all users a hardware key.

Previously, Google’s online services, such as Gmail, were protected by a two-tier authorization system, so in addition to the standard password, a user who had activated this option must also enter the code that was sent to his phone. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to our account.

However, Google believes that its system needs additional reinforcement, so it adds a hardware key in the form of a USB device. Then access to your email account and other services is only possible when the Security Key is attached to our computer. Interestingly, the company also ensures that this method also protects against phishing, and thus using our data on a specially crafted, fake version of the site.

The new method only works with the Chrome browser and Chrome OS, and you can get more information on the official Google blog.…

Leap Motion will revolutionize computer control?

For many months we have been able to follow the story of Leap Motion and get to know it better, and now we can try it ourselves, as the device has just hit the market.

Leap Motion, in a nutshell, is a new computer control method, such a mouse-less mouse. The gadget uses a technology similar to that used in the Kinect controller, but it is significantly cheaper than its predecessor.

However, it is not based on cameras and infrared sensors, so far less advanced than Microsoft technology, but less precise. At least this is due to the first reviews of this hardware that appear on the web.

The device itself is available for pre-order for $ 80, and now launched the Airspace Store, a web-based app store that works with the new controller. Currently, there are more than 75 applications developed by developers from 20 countries, ranging from games to design programs, with some of the programs completely free, while others require a small fee.

For now Leap Motion is a typical gadget that you can play a bit, but once the first excitement is over, we return to the mouse and keyboard. It is difficult to say whether the device will be very popular. It certainly does not match Kinect, which is far more advanced equipment, so its functionality is much greater.…

Boeing is launching a space taxi

Boeing announced the delay of the launch of its space taxi. The vehicle named CS-100 Starliner, so far will not help NASA become addicted to the Russian rocket. Its first start will take place only at the end of 2018.

After NASA officially closed the shuttle program a few years ago, it became completely dependent on the Russian Soyuz missiles that provide American astronauts for the International Space Station. But these are very high costs, amounting to tens of millions of dollars for one flight, so the agency wants to make the Russians independent.

Boeing, whose engineers are working on a new CS-100 Starliner, will be the space taxi. NASA hoped to finish it very quickly so that it could be used next year. But that does not happen.

CS Weekly Starliner will not be ready as early as 2018, according to Aviation Week magazine. Boeing engineers decided to change one of the key structural elements of the new vehicle in which the design defect was detected. In addition, the company’s engineers are experiencing serious problems with the production of the most complex spacecraft components, which will significantly lengthen the work.

Project manager John Mulholland assures that engineers are trying to solve any problems, but it will take them months to do so. It is impossible to keep up with the original deadline for commissioning, which was planned for December 2017. It was postponed to June 2018 and the first test flights will begin in February of the same year. On the other hand, regular flights will not be available until December.…